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Optimise your Website for search engines

Rank higher in Google and Maps. Improve your SEO and increase organic traffic.

Get an awesome Website from a top platform

Have a great, easy to maintain website - ecommerce or non - built for you on Wix, Webflow or Shopify.

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Build your Social Media presence

Get your Social Media accounts set up for you with optimised settings and engaging content!

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Meet the expert

Web Designer & Developer, SEO Specialist Consultant

I have 10+ years of experience as a Web Developer - designing and programming software, websites and web applications.

Based in Auckland since the past 7 years, I've helped many small businesses get discovered online and rank higher in Google and Maps, as well as set the foundations for their social media marketing.

Get ready to grow your business and get more leads! 📈 💲


What we'll do for you

Extensive Keyword Research

We get your all business keywords, customised for your industry, services and markets.

Optimise Site Texts

We optimise the texts of your web pages and links to include these keywords.

Optimise Social Media

We optimise the texts & images for your social media and business profiles - such as Google My Business, Yelp, etc - to be SEO friendly and engaging.

Get Backlinks to your website

We perform link building - build backlinks - to boost your site's SEO ranking.

Full Blog Content strategy

We provide a list of efficient Blog topics for your website from search statistics and trends.


Your benefits

Don't waste time finding customers

Instead of you finding customers, they should be the ones finding you.

Google and Maps users already have the intention of buying. 

Good SEO will help you reach those customers and broaden your market.

Stay on top of the competition

Your competitors are investing in digital marketing and online sales tools.

Why fall behind when you can stay on top?

Get more contacts, bookings and sales

Reduce downtimes and get a constant flow of sales and bookings.

Improving your website texts and highlighting your benefits is vital for this.

Be where your customers are

Whether on Google Maps, Twitter or Instagram, you should be where your customers are.
Getting set up might seem tricky, but we can do this optimally for you, right from the start.

What our happy clients say :)

Epic Sourcing

Thanks so much for
your SEO work on our site. 
We now rank #1 on Google!

TK, Epic Sourcing


Top SEO provided great, valuable keywords and optimised text to use
in our website & social media.
We now stand out from the competition.

Big success! Thank you!


Eliz Makeup Artist

Top SEO created my website on Wix 
and optimised it for search engines
- as well as my social media. 
Since then I'm getting 5-10
customer enquiries every week

Eliz Makeup Artist

Pricing packs

Basic SEO

From $799

Extensive Keyword Research

Optimise Website texts

Optimise Social Media texts & settings

Optimise Business Profiles & Maps
10 listings top NZ business directories

Comprehensive SEO

From $1299

Basic SEO

SEO Competitor Analysis

Get 20 backlinks

Full blog content strategy

Wix Website

From $999

Wix website design & development


* SEO not included

* See Wix annual fees here

Wix Website + Basic SEO

From $1499

Wix Website

Basic SEO

* See Wix annual fees here

Wix Website + Comp. SEO

From $1999

Wix Website

Comprehensive SEO

* See Wix annual fees here

Other Website

From $1299

Shopify, Webflow or Wordpress
Ecommerce development

* SEO not included

* Prices are in NZD

* One-off and paid upon completion

* See FAQ's here


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